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Android App

Developed a sporting event management system as part of a course project for Software Engineering 2 with a team of 5 developers. The project was to mock the needs for a Rio Olympics management system. Java and XML was used to develop and desing the layout of the app, Google Cloud's Firebase was used for user authentication and the database was Firestore. Node.js was used to create server side functions.

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Github link to view source code

Automated Trading System

This project utilizes E-Trade's API to access your E-Trade account and perform trades automatically. A CSV file containing constituents of the S&P 500 and the MACD and RSI is read to deteremine if a stock should be traded. This example is a very simple implementation of a trading strategy, I would like to continue researching more about finance to develop different strategies and use this program to conduct the trades.

Further details and screenshots coming soon.

Github link to view source code

Still in development, more projects coming soon as well. Check out my Github for the source code of my projects

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